Prolectrix Halogen Ovens

Prolectrix comes in two different capacity viz, the 7 litre and the 12 litre. Both the halogen oven boost a very good safety aspect like the safety cut out present on the handle. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes and the temperature can be increased from 65 degrees to 250 degrees. On continuous cooking using the Prolectrix halogen oven, the fat is assured to be reduced to 60%.

Key features
  • Varying capacity (7 litre and 12 litre) products
  • Good Safety features

Prolectrix Infra Chef Family Size Halogen Oven Review

Halogen ovens are one among the efficient cooking solution that makes cooking three times faster. It takes up the functions of baking, frying, boiling and steaming in a great way by retaining the nutrients available in the food. It also saves on energy and hence such appliances have a good welcome among the customers. Prolectrix introduces this product with the system of infrared cooking and with an attractive appearance. More on Prolectrix Infra Chef Family Size Halogen Oven can be obtained in the following review.

Physical Characteristics:

With an attractive design this model stands to impress with the white colour body. The oven is made of high quality toughened glass material which gives transparency. This seems to serve as a viewing window as well. The top of the oven consists of the control panel and the handle. The oven firmly sits on the base which is made of high grade plastic material which is heat resistant. The dimension of this product goes as 350mm, 220mm and 320mm which conservative in occupying the space. Prolectrix Infra Chef Family Size 12 Litres Halogen Oven works with the electric power and comes with the cord attached.

Prolectrix Infra Chef Family Size Halogen Oven

Capacity and Controls:

This model has the capacity of 12 litres which is a family size. The operations are controlled by the rotary knobs present in the control panel which allows you to set the timer and the temperature. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes in a single go and the temperature can also be set variable based on the type of food. The temperature selection that is available is with the minimum of 60 degree C to the maximum of 250 degree C.

Power and Functions:

This model is been operated with the power of 1100 Watts and it handles the functions of baking, frying, steaming and boiling. It can be put to function at its own pace and hence makes it a great option for steaming and boiling which retains all the nutrients present in the food. These functions are three times faster than the conventional type of cooking.

Other product features:

Prolectrix Infra Chef Family Size 1100 Watts Halogen Oven also ensures the safety of usage and it is been equipped with the safety cut out which is present in the handle. It automatically stops the flow of current when the set temperature is been arrived and in case it senses boiling dry based on the moisture level sensing it again stops the functioning. The temperature selection and the timer selection give way for the user to set most appropriate programme and hence over or under cooking can be avoided. The infrared cooking system cooks evenly with the right distribution of heat and hence no hot or cold spots can be found. The handle is convenient to use which gives easy movement of the appliance.

Accessories and Warranty:

The manufacturer supplies this model with the accessories of lid stand, two cooking racks, tongs and recipe book. It also makes it more appealing with the 1 year warranty which covers the parts and the labour associated with the product.

Specification Table
Brand Prolectrix
Model Name Infra Chef Family Size Halogen Oven
Dimension 35 x 22 x 32 cm
Colours Available White
Capacity 12 litres
Power 1100 Watts
Timer Yes - dial
Alarm Yes
Dishwasher proof baskets Yes
Functions Roast, bake, steam and fry 3 times faster
Technology Infrared cooking
Temperature Variable
Automatic shut off Yes
Indicator lights Yes
Handles Embedded
Material Durable plastic
Features Infra red cooking Cooks 3 times faster Reduces fat up to 60% Energy saving 60 minutes timer
Accessories Lid stand, two cooking racks, tongs and recipe book
Warranty 1 year